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ProTouch POS Software
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Lowering Costs
ProTouch POS software dramatically reduces costs by reducing the time to perform tasks, and effectively provides
greater functionality.
ProTouch Software saves you money by allowing you to control your business with current, up to the second Point of Sale information.
Working Smarter
ProTouch POS software works a whole lot smarter by managing all areas relating to your Point of Sale system quickly and consistently. You can unlock the easy to use features of the ProTouch Software system through the use of Touch screen technology.
Improving Staff Productivity
ProTouch POS software increases staff productivity by providing the ability to perform quick and precise sales at the touch screen register. ProTouch Software automatically delivers orders to cooking areas, automatically prompts for up-selling opportunities. ProTouch Software PDA hand ordering systems will maximise staff time on the floor with your customers, increasing up selling opportunities.
Increasing Revenue
ProTouch POS software increases revenue by making sales faster, and handling complex requirements easily and professionally.
Increasing Functionality
The increased functionality of the ProTouch Software Point of Sale system is provided through integration to EFTPOS, hotel systems, accounting packages, customer loyalty, kitchen video, Caller ID, PDA ordering systems and orders from the www.
ProTouch POS software was originally designed for the fine dining hospitality industry. Software innovation and customer demand have led ProTouch Software to its current strong position in the market place.

ProTouch POS software caters for the following specific markets:

· Fine Dining · Bars · Superettes
· Restaurants · Bottle Shops · Fruit & Veg / Greengrocers
· Cafes · Nightclubs · Butchers
· Quick Service · Pool Halls · Petrol Stations
· Hotels · Gentlemen Clubs · General Retail Outlets
· Bistro · Golf Driving Ranges · Ice Skating Rinks
· Call Centre · Pet Shops · Educational Institutions
· Squash Court · Art Galleries · Amusement Parks


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